The Advantages and Opportunities of being part of ACC

Community and Discipleship

  • Connection with people with different skills to draw from and network with
  • State Pastors and Leaders meetings
  • A place to know and be known and develop support networks and friendships
  • Senior and Campus Pastors dinners and green rooms
  • Shared information platform such as ACC website including Pastors login and ACCWA website
  • Ministry support especially in area of our portfolios and initiatives including Senior and Campus Pastors, women, kids, youth, community engagement, emeritus
  • Masterclasses
  • Pastors Intensives
  • Workshops and retreats
  • Prayer support
  • Pastoral care
  • National and State Conference
  • Opportunity to serve and grow on State matters
  • Collaboration between different churches and their staff in similar roles

Spiritual Accountability

  • Theological support with Statements of Belief and assistance in interpretations
  • Positional papers for faith-based matters (such as Divorce, Marriage, Sexuality)
  • Dispute mediation services at State and Executive levels for Pastor, Board and congregational issues

Ordination and Compliance

  • Registration and review process for Ministers of Religion for ordination
  • Registration and review process for churches
  • Development and compliance of professional standards (Code of Conduct requirements for volunteers and Ministers, Child Protection, Marriage Rites etc.) and guidelines (conflicts of interest, social media etc.)
  • Mentoring and restoration facilitation for Ministers in need of help

Government Agency

  • Group representations to Federal government on policy matters behalf of larger constituency (Marriage & Family, Abortion, Freedom of Religion etc.)
  • Initiation of or input into life changing legislation (Modern Day Slavery Act)
  • Collective involvement in Government Agencies (such as ACNC)
  • Attorney General registration as a denominations / movement and pre-approvals for Religious Marriage Celebrants
  • Development of Policies, documentation and resources that apply to new legislation (such as Whistleblowers legislation)

Missions and Relief Support Office

  • Dedicated Missionary support and training office for on-field missions and local church training
  • Organiser of National and International disaster relief appeals including in-situ relief distribution and programs
  • Development of missions support and advice for ACC Churches
  • Active in ATO / Foreign Affairs and Trade approved overseas aid projects by managing and funding development and humanitarian work.
  • Funding local Church Missionary work through the one-day program

Insurance, Redress and Finance

  • Provision of Insurance Services and collective bargaining power for premiums
  • Dedicated staff for ACC who are knowledgeable specialists in insurance and finance
  • Provision of a group scheme for Redress Scheme insurance plans
  • Provision of Brokerage Services for financing.

Safer Churches

  • Helpline available to assist with Safer Churches reporting and management of issues
  • Provision of policies, procedures and materials specifically assisting in delivering safer churches
  • Online training materials for ACC pastors and volunteers 
  • ACCWA Online health and safety systems


Crisis Pastoral Care

Chaplaincy Australia – The WA Chaplaincy team have specialised training and professional skill in this area to assist Pastors with times of trauma or crisis within their church or community. (eg suicide, tragic death, domestic & family violence, extreme grief, mass grief, debriefing Pastoral team, disaster response).  Call 1800Chaplain (1800 24 27 52).

General Resources

Helpful links to find referral options for people with variety of needs for community assistance:

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