Referrals and Resources
Help ensure that you are developing and there is margin in your self care.

Crisis Pastoral Care

Chaplaincy Australia – The WA Chaplaincy team have specialised training and professional skill in this area to assist Pastors with times of trauma or crisis within their church or community (such as suicide, tragic death, domestic and family violence, extreme grief, mass grief, debriefing Pastoral team, disaster response).  Call 1800Chaplain (1800 24 27 52).

General Resources

Helpful links to referral options for people with a variety of needs for community assistance:

Mental Health

Resources for the training and equipping of Pastors and their teams in Mental Health:

  • Mental Health First Aid Courses– run by Chaplaincy Australia in WA annually to train and equip Pastors & Leaders to know the signs of Mental Health and how to assist.
  • Mental Health Academy– online courses which can assist in training in Mental Health. Predominantly for Mental Health professionals, but can be used for teams to develop specific skills in areas of need.
  • MERHL – WA Mental Health Emergency Response Line – for 24-hour mental health care assistance – 1300 555 788 (Metro) or 1800 676 822 (Peel)

Government Sites that are helpful for people to determine their Mental Health needs:

To help people to get access to Medicare rebated Mental Health Services: Better Access Initiative – book a double appointment with their GP to conduct a mental health assessment which enables them to access this initiative.

Suicide Prevention

Chaplaincy Australia can offer courses in this for your Pastoral Team which is very practical and presented to current industry standards with relevant examples and exercises to help your team be ready to assist in these hard conversations.  Other assistance can be found at:

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