Office Address & Main Campus

11, Canham Way,

We are a Christian Church made up of people from all age groups.

We believe that we are alive and fresh in the power of  the Holy Spirit.

Contemporary without compromising the truths and standards of the Kingdom of God.

Our services are led by people who know the importance of the anointing of the Holy Spirit. We seek to have the manifest presence of God and not to just go through the motions of a religious service in a lifeless manner.  It is a joy to see our young people entering in and enjoying worshiping the Lord alongside our seniors and other family groups.

We are blest to have a pastor and his wife  Pastors John & Janet Ford who are pentecostal in their experience and sound in the preaching of the Word of God and who desire at all times to see the Lord Jesus Christ uplifted and Glorified. 



Greenwood Campus

11, Canham Way

Sunday: 9:30am




Senior Pastor: Deon and Charlene de Beer
Anchored Youth – Jennifer Hawker
Worship Leader – Rebecca Bertucci
Worship & Ladies Pastor – Jennifer Kriwopischin

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