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About Chaplaincy Australia


Chaplaincy Australia is a National Department of the Australian Christian Churches (ACC) who are committed to communicating the Christian faith in a hands-on, compassionate and meaningful way.

Chaplaincy Australia is the national Chaplaincy Network of the ACC linking Chaplains together with common objectives, practice, training and support.

Our Chaplains are represented by a broad spectrum of nationalities, backgrounds, ages and localities from within the Australian Christian Churches. They are purposely trained men and women with a passionate commitment to serve their community with care.

Chaplaincy Courses available in WA!

We are very excited to be able to offer a Cert IV & Diploma in chaplaincy through Alphacrucis in WA.

This fantastic course prepares Chaplains for the awesome opportunities which present themselves as we step out and minister to those in need.

The courses are delivered in 3 day intensives and additional course work. It is an intensely practical and useful period of study which many report as life and ministry changing.

If you are interested in enrolling you can speak to our State office or contact AC College directly…

WA Chaplain's Training Day

We recently held a very successful Chaplain’s Training Day at our ACC Offices in Perth.  We had a great day looking at Disaster Response and having an update from our National Director Ralph Estherby.  We also explored a complex case study and took the opportunity to expand our skills. 

It is great to get together and to build on what we already know.  It is also a great opportunity to grow in our Chaplaincy ministry and all that the Lord has for us.  

If you are interested in being part of our next Chaplaincy day contact us…

Jody Sisley

WA State Director

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