ACCWA Administration Assistant

JOB DESCRIPTION ACCWA Administration Assistant (Permanent Part Time 15 hours/week) Location: ACCWA State Office, Victoria Park WA  How to apply:Please send your Resume with a Cover Letter to:  manager@accwa.org.au The ACCWA State office is seeking an experienced Administration Assistant to join their team! This individual’s role is paramount in providing administrative support to the State Office …

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Perth Revival Church

PERTH REVIVAL CHURCH www.prcau.org Facebook 0421 152 228 pastor@prcau.org Office Address & Main Campus 4 Old Maida Vale Road Maida Vale WA 6057 PERTH REVIVAL CHURCH is a body of individually gifted believers all serving together in loving unity, with a total reliance on the Holy Spirit under the headship of Christ. This church is …

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Faith Horizon Church

FAITH HORIZON CHURCH Facebook 0416 721 472 info@faithhorizonchurch.com Office Address & Main Campus Unit 7, 40 Meliador WayMidvale WA 6056 Australia Faith Horizon Church is a community of people that have encountered the Love and Grace of Jesus Christ as individuals and have chosen to express ourselves as such in every sphere of life. At …

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Country Gospel Christian Centre

COUNTRY CHRISTIAN CENTRES Postal Address: Po Box 2237 Tuggeranong DC ACT 2901 Contact: Phone: 0408 690 749 Email: john@12thmann.com.au At the Australian Aboriginal Outreach Ministries, our heart is to see Indigenous and non-Indigenous leaders trained up to plant culturally relevant Indigenous churches in cities, towns and communities throughout Australia, where Aboriginal people can be discipled to fulfil …

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Baldivis Light Of Life Church

BALDIVIS LIGHT OF LIFE CHURCH 0430 869 741 Office Address & Main Campus Tranby CollegeArpentuer Drive BaldivisWA 6171 Australia LOCATION   Baldivis Campus Tranby CollegeArpentuer Drive Sunday:  10:00 am  LEADERSHIP TEAM   Lead Pastor: Peter Wadsworth xosotin chelseathông tin chuyển nhượngcâu lạc bộ bóng đá arsenalbóng đá atalantabundesligacầu thủ haalandUEFAevertonxosofutebol ao vivofutemaxmulticanaisonbetbóng đá world cupbóng đá …

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